Steam Summer Sale 2018

My Steam Summer Sale breakdown

Steam Summer Sale 2018 Salien
My final Salien

The Steam Summer Sale of 2018 has drawn to a close. The mini-game was decent, if not carpal tunnel inducing, and the sales were also good for the most part. I still miss the days of the flash sales and all that fun stuff, but the minigames still make the sale something to look forward to it. In total, this is all that I purchased from Steam during the sale, and how much it would have cost if I had bought it at regular price. This list does not include games bought on other sites for a cheap price, like Fanatical or Humble Bundle.

Steam Summer Sale 2018 Badge
My final badge level

In addition, I went from level 140 to 153, which was enough to get me the final profile showcase. So, unless Steam adds another permanent showcase in the future, I’m set for Steam level. As for the 2018 Summer Sale Badge, I finished it off at level 153.

Games inĀ bold were part of a bundle that was customized to me, depending on what I previously owned, so the discounts represented may not be what you had seen for those specific titles.