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I don’t know why you’re on this particular page, as it’s probably quite boring, but here we go anyway.

I’ve been playing games for as long as I can remember, and probably from the time I was able to hold a controller. My first real system was the NES, simply due to my age, but I’ve played things older than that, going back so far as the Atari and ColecoVision. I’m a Torontonian through and through, born in the city and currently residing just outside (about 30 minutes by car).

When it comes to the industry and such, I’ve been writing various things for games since the late 1990s. I started off on GameFAQs, my profile of which is still active to this day (albeit not updated), and have moved on to various websites and platforms. I have been paid to write reviews and other articles in the past, but I much prefer doing them on my own, so I’m not restricted by any word counts, limitations, or websites that receive money from certain publishers and therefore can’t be critical of some games.

By day, I drive a truck for work. This works well for me, as I’m a fairly introverted person and am at my best when I’m largely on my own. As I work seasonally, this gives me ample opportunity during the winter months to focus on other aspects of life.

I’m most active on Twitter, and you can always find me there tweeting about pretty much everything. You’ll also find me on most places as CrazyCanuck, although I will go by older names on services that don’t support name changes – I’m looking at you, Sony!

CrazyCanuck Funko

I’m primarily a PC gamer, but hardly part of the PC masterrace, as I own and play on my various consoles as well. I also own a collection of older consoles and games, and have many items stored in a heated storage unit until we move, as future plans will have me using our new house’s basement as a gaming den.

Outside of gaming, my interests are technology, design, toys, and spending too much money at Best Buy and Amazon.

Need to get in touch for whatever reason? Send me a message!