I’m an affiliate with a few online retailers. As I don’t write, play or stream games for a living, I am not reliant on the income these affiliates produce, therefore you will only see me posting to reputable services like Humble Bundle, and you won’t ever see G2A, Kinguin, or companies that sell supplements and mints. In addition, you’ll never see me harassing or otherwise trying to trick you into clicking an affiliate link. Like I said, I stream for fun (and charity!)

Humble Bundle affiliate

Humble Bundle is my main partner, and I use them often, for everything from regular store purchases to the always awesome Humble Monthly subscriptions. A percentage of any commission will also go to charity, in addition to whatever you choose to set when checking out. Any links on my website that lead to a Humble Bundle store page will be a referral link.

Fanatical affiliate

Fanatical is also a terrific site to buy games, and depending on your location, they might offer pricing in your local currency. I’m in Canada, and they sell in CAD, which makes them terrific to use. Any links on my website that lead to a Fanatical store page will be a referral link.

Green Man Gaming affiliate

Green Man Gaming rounds out my trio of affiliations. They often have excellent deals, and many new games will be sold for 20% off if you pre-purchase, and gradually lower the discount as it gets closer to the game’s release date. Any links on my website that lead to a Fanatical store page will be a referral link.

Extra Life affiliate

Whenever I stream, it’s always in support of Extra Life, whether it’s one of their events or just any day of the year. I always prefer when people donate over tipping me, as like I said above, I write, play and stream for fun, not a living, so any income is largely irrelevant and best spent on a good cause.


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