Who I am

I’m CrazyCanuck. I’m an individual, not a business, and I am not here to sell you any product or service, or attempt to get information out of you to sell it. I am also not a European citizen, I am not based in Europe, and I am associated with no entity that is based in, or operates out of, the European Union, therefore GDPR is of very minor importance. As such, this will be a pretty simple privacy policy, but it’s here just in case.

My site will always be found at https://crazycanuck84.com, with or without the www. If there is any variation to this domain, then it’s not mine, unless otherwise stated.

What personal data we collect and why we collect it

I collect no personal data from you, as I have no need to collect any of it. Any information you provide is done so at your own discretion, and may be collected based on the plugin of the service you’ve inputted that data into. Regardless of the situation, your data is never kept long, sold, leased, rented, given out, or otherwise used for purposes other than what is strictly told to you.


While my posts and all content has a commenting system attached, comments are turned off, and there is no way to register an account to post comments. As such, no data will be collected or used, because it can’t be. Should this ever change, this policy will be updated and users will be informed.


All media posted on this website is done by me, and the option for users to upload media is not enabled. Therefore, no information, such as IP address or EXIF data is recorded.


I do not use nor store cookies.

Contact forms

When you use the contact form to send me a message, all I receive is what you choose to input, as well as your IP address. This information is stored in an embedded database held within my website, and is deleted after 14 days. Pirate Forms is a plugin provided by Theme Isle, and you can view their privacy policy here.

Embedded content from other websites

When you choose to browse the videos on my website, or view my Twitch stream from my website, these are embeds, and therefore your information may be used according to the privacy policy of YouTube (available here) and Twitch (available here), respectively. As these are embeds from these two services, it acts as if you’re logged in (if you are).


This website uses Google Analytics to track where users came from, clicks, etc. No personal information is tracked or provided. To opt out of Google Analytics collection, visit this website.

Who we share your data with

I do not collect personal data, therefore I share it with no person, service, organization or company.

How long we retain your data

The only data retained is what you choose to submit when using the contact form, and it is erased after 14 days from submission.

What rights you have over your data

I collect no data and do not have an account system active, therefore you have no data. If you’ve contacted me via the form, and want your message erased, email webmaster@crazycanuck84.com. If it’s been 14 days, your data has been erased already.

Where we send your data

I do not send your data to any person or entity in any location, anywhere.

Your contact information

If you wish to contact me for privacy related issues, use the email address webmaster@crazycanuck84.com.

Additional information

What third parties we receive data from

Any third party data received is via Google Analytics. I do not receive data from any other party.


I runĀ no advertising on this site whatsoever. If you happen to notice anything, please let me know and I’ll try to track it down and remove it. I write and stream for fun and am not interested in making a career out of it, so I have no need to harass you via ads for income.