As you may have noticed, this is a pretty basic site. I collect no information and have no need to. For the parts of my site that do collect information, you’ll find what they are for here.

Contact Form

When contacting me via the contact form, whatever information you input will be sent to me. This includes your email address, plus whatever your comments are. In addition, your IP address is also recorded. Your email address is used only to reply to your inquiry, and your IP address is automatically collected as part of the plugin that controls the form. I do not record, sell, lease, rent or otherwise use your email address or IP address.

Gleam Giveaway/Contest

If you enter a giveaway hosted by Gleam, then whatever you submit is saved and used by Gleam in accordance with their own privacy policy. As I currently use the free plan, the only email revealed is the winner’s email, so that I can send the code out. If you do not win a contest, your email remains obfuscated. If you enter via social media (such as having to like a tweet, follow, etc.), then your account handle is recorded via Gleam, and I will have access to it during the contest time, and once it ends, again so I can contact you with the winning item. Any information submitted is kept with me, not sold/leased/rented/etc.


I run no advertising on this site whatsoever. If you happen to notice anything, please let me know and I’ll try to track it down and remove it. I write and stream for fun and am not interested in making a career out of it, so I have no need to harass you via ads for income.