Review: SOS

SOS launched with an interesting premise. In the guise of a game show, you’re put onto an island with several other people, and your goal was to find a relic and extract from the helicopter. You could work together, work alone, backstab people, basically be a human thrust into an impossible situation.

Sadly,¬†Outpost Games has decided to go a completely different route. A few months back, they added a fairly generic and pointless battle royale mode, because of course they did, while renaming their original game to “Classic”. As of today, they’ve announced the game is going permanently free to play, battle royale will be the defacto mode, and Classic is being shut down for good.¬†SOS went from a good premise with intriguing gameplay to a generic battle royale game that offers absolutely no originality.

For this reason, it’s garbage, and you should read my review over on Steam for more as to why it’s garbage.

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