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Canuckbux are the currency you earn in my stream. You earn them by watching and doing things. They are awarded as such:

  • 1 Canuckbux for every 1 minute of watching (60 minutes = 60 Canuckbux), issued in 5 minute increments
  • 100 points for following
  • 250 points for subbing
  • 50 points for hosting
  • 125 points for every 100 bits you cheer
  • 5 points for every $1 you donate to Extra Life (awarded manually at the end of a stream)
  • 5 points for every $1 you tip (awarded manually at the end of a stream)

In addition, subscribers earn a bonus of 150 Bux every month they’re subscribed. Those who cheer and subscribe are also entered into subscriber and cheer only giveaways.

At 750 Canuckbux, you become a regular and are entitled to more things. At 5,000 Canuckbux, you become elite and are entitled to even more things. Once you cross that threshold, if you spend your points and drop below 750 or 5,000, you will not lose your status.

Once you’ve accrued enough Canuckbux, you can redeem them for certain things, by clicking on the icon on the bottom right hand of the stream when I’m live. If it’s not running, you still accrue points, it just means redemptions are temporarily disabled, maybe because I’m running an overlay for another game.

What you can currently buy:

  • Puppy treat for 500: you choose the dog (one of two) and I’ll give them a treat (this will be broadcast)
  • Start a giveaway for 1000: you can choose to start a giveaway for the entire stream, which will be a random game selected from my giveaway list (minimum of three non-moderators required to be in the stream)
  • Beanboozled for 50,000: I’ll eat a Beanboozled bean and it’ll either taste good or taste horrible (this is currently inactive, hence the high cost)
  • Spin the wheel for 500: I’ll spin a wheel that has half of its side filled with random rewards, and half is filled with nothing. 50% chance of getting something, 50% chance of getting nothing
  • Buy a game for 1500: you can choose to buy a game from my list of games. Unlike the giveaway, this is only for the buyer and you get full choice
(the above rewards are subject to change at any time, have cost adjustments, be added or removed altogether)

Whenever you’re watching the stream, either over on Twitch or right here on the website, as long as you’re logged in, you will accrue bux. Bux are not earned while offline, so sitting in chat all day won’t get you any.